Keynote speaker in Antwerp (Belgium)

Today I was a so called Keynote speaker in Antwerp (Belgium). It was the Flemish section of our Association for (cognitive) Behaviour Therapy that organized its yearly conference. The congress had more than 200 participants, and my keynote was “the center piece of the educational program”. The talk was entitled “Is internet-delivered CBT as effective as regular CBT?”. See the abstract below!

During the talk the association tweeted this picture of me:


[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×645.jpg” width=”940″ align=”right” title=”Keynote2014″ frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=”The conference program in Antwerp (Belgium). My keynote was entitled Is internet-delivered CBT as effective as regular CBT?”]

ABSTRACT: “A treatment form has now been established that merges cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) with the internet. By delivering treatment components, mainly in the form of texts presented via web pages, video and audio files, and by providing ongoing support using email, promising outcomes can be achieved. The literature on this form of treatment has grown rapidly over recent years with more than 70 controlled trials in the field of anxiety disorders, mood disorders and behavioral medicine. For some of the conditions for which internet- delivered CBT has been tested, independent replications have shown large effect sizes, for example, in the treatment of social anxiety disorder and major depression. In some studies, internet-delivered treatment can achieve similar outcomes as in face-to-face CBT. There are also efficacy trials showing that the treatment works in clinical settings. This talk will provide a summary of the evidence. Recent advances in information technology, such as the use of smart-phones will be covered. It is likely that information technology and CBT will merge in the future, and that combined treatments with both face-to-face and online delivery will be common.”

Source: Carlbring, P. (2014). Is internet-delivered CBT as effective as regular CBT? [Keynote] Abstract from the 33rd congress of the Flemish section of our Association for (cognitive) Behaviour Therapy. 12 December, 2014, Antwerp, Belgium.