People with gambling disorder and risky alcohol habits benefit more from motivational interviewing than from cognitive behavioral group therapy

Effective psychological treatment, including cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing (MI), is available for people with problematic gambling behaviors. To advance the development of treatment for gambling disorder, it is critical to further investigate how comorbidity impacts different types of treatments. The purpose of this study – that was published in PeerJ today – was … Read more

Usage of a responsible gambling tool: latent class analysis of user behavior

Gambling is a common pastime around the world. Most gamblers can engage in gambling activities without negative consequences, but some run the risk of developing an excessive gambling pattern. Excessive gambling has severe negative economic and psychological consequences, which makes the development of responsible gambling strategies vital to protecting individuals from these risks. One such … Read more

Cognitive-behavioural therapy for concerned significant others of people with problem gambling

Today we published a study protocol for a randomised wait-list controlled trial in BMJ Open. The study is important since about 2.3% of the adult population in Sweden are considered to suffer from problem gambling. However, it is estimated that only 5% of those seek treatment. Problem gambling can have devastating effects on the economy, … Read more