A review of cyberbullying and suggestions for online intervention

Investigations of cyberbullying are beginning to emerge in the scientific literature because of their implications for child and adolescent development. In particular, cyberbullying victimisation has been associated with similar negative consequences to traditional or face-to-face bullying such as lower academic achievement, anxiety, and sometimes even suicide. Research has also started to emerge investigating the impact of such incidences on the life of adults. The literature in this area has been steadily growing over the last decade and this review highlights the current situation in terms of relevant features and the psychological impact on victims. Today a paper, written by me, Dr. Mairéad Foody and Associate Professor Muthanna Samara from Kingston University, was accepted for publication.

The selection process consisted of a comprehensive search that was conducted in January 2015 in the following databases: PsychInfo, ERIC, Web of Science and Medline. A total of 19 papers were included. We conclude with suggestions for online psychological treatment for victims and bullies as a means of coping with the distress caused from cyberbullying experiences.

Read the full paper (open access – link will be clickable in a few days…):
Foody, M., Carlbring, P., & Samara, M. (In press). A review of cyberbullying and suggestions for online psychological therapy. Internet Interventions.