The Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (1st Edition)

The Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a new book edited by Stefan Hofmann and Gordon Asmundson. The book describes, on 628 pages with 22 chapters, the scientific approach of CBT, reviews the efficacy and validity of the CBT model, and exemplifies important differences and commonalities of CBT approaches. We wrote the 21st chapter entitled “Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior … Read more

Chapter about internet-based treatment in “Handbook of Social Anxiety Disorder”

We have written a book chapter in a new social phobia “bible”. The book  is edited by Justin W. Weeks and is entitled “The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Social Anxiety Disorder“.  The official publication date is April 28th. In our chapter we give an introduction to internet-delivered interventions. Then we give an overview of the different treatment programs that … Read more