Features and functionality of the Iterapi platform for internet-based psychological treatment

The purpose of this article is to describe an internet-based platform for improving symptoms and quality of life for people with psychological and behavioural health problems such as depression, anxiety, phobia, psychological trauma, hearing loss and tinnitus. The online platform, called Iterapi, was developed at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning at Linköping University, … Read more

Encouraging results in a new study on mindfulness treatment of anxiety disorders

Mindfulness-based interventions have proven effective for the transdiagnostic treatment of heterogeneous anxiety disorders. So far, no study investigated the potential of mindfulness-based treatments when delivered remotely via the Internet. In a trial that was just published the aim was at evaluating the efficacy of a stand-alone, unguided, Internet-based mindfulness treatment programme for anxiety. Methods Ninety-one … Read more