Welcome Sarah Heinrich – new ERASMUS plus intern psychologist in our research team!

Today we welcome Sarah Heinrich (from Germany) to our research group. She has a master in Psychology from Berlin and now does a postgraduate internship (ERASMUS plus) at our department. She will assist in different projects and tasks, for example translating the challenger smartphone application into German as well as various questionnaires such as the Brunnsviken Brief Quality of life scale (BBQ).  The plan is also to assist in the execution of studies e.g. about virtual reality (treatmet of specific phobia). In addition, she has offered to read manuscripts in preparation and has come with good suggestions. Finally, Sarah has proven to be a highly skilled blogger and has assisted in arranging blog posts for our new scientific journal: Internet Interventions. Welcome to Sweden and Stockholm University! If you look really closely at the picture you can see that we managed to capture the partial solar eclipse.

UPDATE: Sarah’s stay was most successful – we ended up publishing a paper together – read more here: This makes patients seek help and stay motivated during Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy