New PhD student – Welcome Alexander Rozental!

Today I welcome Alexander Rozental as PhD student. He graduated from Linköping University in 2011 with a masters’s degree in psychology and started his internship as a clinical psychologist at an outpatient care setting in Lidingö and Danderyd just outside of Stockholm. During the same period he was also employed at Kompetenscentrum för psykoterapi at Karolinska institutet teaching basic psychology and psychological treatment. He received his license as a clinical psychologist in 2012 and began working as a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Stockholm University in the autumn of 2013.

As a PhD student at Stockholm University he will be involved in the following research project: Side effects, treatment failures and adverse effects of Internet-based psychological treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. The primary purpose is to investigate possible side effects of psychological treatment, as well as examining what types of adverse effects that occur in Internet-based psychological treatment. I will be the main supervisor. He will also be supervised by Gerhard Andersson, professor in clinical psychology at Linköping University, and Johanna Böttcher, PhD in clinical psychology at the Freie Universität Berlin.

In addition to studying side effects of psychological treatment he is also interested in different aspects of human motivation and behavior change, particularly theory and psychological treatment of procrastination. He is currently conducting an evaluation of an Internet-based self-help program for patients with severe problems of procrastination. For more information please visit