Party all night long with Bruce E. Wampold

Yesterday Professor Bruce E. Wampold was inaugurated as an honorary doctor of Stockholm University. This was the official description:

“Bruce E. Wampold is the Patricia L. Wolleat Professor of Counseling Psychology and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Wampold’s research has essentially been focused on methodological and theoretical issues regarding the effects of psychotherapy. His research has made significant contributions to the work on the establishment of evidence-based practice carried out in the American Psychologiocal Association (APA). Wampold’s conclusions on mechanisms of psychotherapeutic interventions, which underline the importance of contextual factors, have received support also outside the psychotherapy sphere, for e.g. treatment of substance abuse and young people with “behavioural problems”. Wampold’s research has thus come to be at the centre of a broad international discussion around different kinds of attempts to establish an evidence-based practice in the treatment and rehabilitation of psychosocial problems.”

Not everybody agrees with the conclusions Bruce E. Wampold draws, but there is no doubt he is a genuinely nice person!

Bruce E. Wampold