Virtual Reality exposure therapy for public speaking anxiety in routine care: a single-subject effectiveness trial

  Virtual Reality (VR) can be used as a therapeutic tool to conduct efficacious in-session exposure therapy by presenting virtual equivalents of phobic stimuli, yet past hardware restrictions hindered implementation in routine care and effectiveness studies. In the current study we examineed the effectiveness of a VR-assisted treatment protocol for public speaking anxiety with demonstrated … Read more

The effectiveness of guided internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder in a routine care setting

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a common mental disorder with high persistence when untreated. As access to effective treatment is limited, guided internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT) has been proposed as an effective alternative to face-to-face treatment. In a new study, that was published today, we examined the effectiveness of a 14-week therapist-guided ICBT program … Read more

Implementation of guided internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for panic disorder in a routine care setting: Effectiveness and implementation efforts

Panic disorder is a common mental disorder. Guided Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (guided ICBT) is a promising approach to reach more people in need of help. In an effectiveness study that was accepted for publication today, we investigated the outcome of guided ICBT for panic disorder after implementation in routine care. A total of 124 … Read more