Virtual Reality exposure therapy for public speaking anxiety in routine care: a single-subject effectiveness trial

  Virtual Reality (VR) can be used as a therapeutic tool to conduct efficacious in-session exposure therapy by presenting virtual equivalents of phobic stimuli, yet past hardware restrictions hindered implementation in routine care and effectiveness studies. In the current study we examineed the effectiveness of a VR-assisted treatment protocol for public speaking anxiety with demonstrated … Read more

Measuring Alliance Toward Embodied Virtual Therapists in the Era of Automated Treatments

Automated virtual reality exposure therapies (VRETs) are self-help treatments conducted by oneself and supported by a virtual therapist embodied visually and/or with audio feedback. This simulates many of the nonspecific relational elements and common factors present in face-to-face therapy and may be a means of improving adherence to and efficacy of self-guided treatments. However, little … Read more

Immersive 3D exposure-based treatment for spider fear: A randomized controlled trial

Stereoscopic 3D gives the viewer the same shape, size, perspective and depth they would experience viewing the real world and could mimic the perceptual threat cues present in real life. This is the first study to investigate whether an immersive stereoscopic 3D video exposure-based treatment would be effective in reducing fear of spiders. Participants with … Read more