Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy for depression, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder: Effectiveness and predictors of response in a teaching clinic

Though therapist-guided Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy (ICBT) appears to be efficacious for depression, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder, relatively little is known about real-world settings and predictors of treatment effects derived from cognitive-behavioral theory. We examined treatment effectiveness and predictors of improvement in a prospective cohort study where patients took part in 10 weeks … Read more

Email or phone? The relative impact on treatment engagement, therapeutic alliance and outcome

The impact of telephone versus e-mail therapist guidance on treatment outcomes, therapeutic alliance and treatment engagement in Internet-delivered CBT for depression

Internet-administered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (iCBT) is an effective treatment of depression, yet much remains to be learned about the specific mechanisms influencing symptom reduction. Although previous research has consistently shown that therapist-guided iCBT is more effective than unguided iCBT, it is unknown whether the medium used for therapist-client communication has an impact on results. In … Read more