Effects of Added Involvement From Concerned Significant Others in Treatments for Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is a public health concern affecting approximately 2.3 % of the Swedish population. Problem gambling also severely affects concerned significant others (CSOs). Several studies have investigated the effect of individual treatments based on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), but less is known of the effect of involving concerned significant others in treatment. In a … Read more

Understanding and Treating Procrastination: A Review of a Common Self-Regulatory Failure

Today a new paper was published. It was authoered by Alexander Rozental and myself. Procrastination is a pervasive self-regulatory failure affecting approximately one-fifth of the adult population and half of the student population. It is defined as one’s voluntarily delay of an intended course of action despite being worse off as a result of that … Read more

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of individually tailored Internet-delivered CBT

A significant proportion of the general population suffers from anxiety disorders, often with comorbid psychiatric conditions. Internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy (ICBT) has been found to be a potent treatment for patients with specific psychiatric conditions. The aim of our new study that was published in Behaviour Research and Therapy today was to investigate the effectiveness … Read more