Are physical activity and sedentary behavior related to depression?

Depression is an increasing public health concern with rising prevalence. Nevertheless, far from everyone seeks help or receives adequate treatment. Although psychotherapy and antidepressants still constitute the bulk of treatments offered, recent research suggests that physical activity (PA) can be a powerful adjunct therapy while sedentary behavior (SB) is a definite risk factor for developing … Read more

Behavioral Activation vs. Physical Activity: A Randomized Controlled Trial

In a new study that was accepted today we had randomized 286 participants with major depression into one of five conditions. 1) physical activity without a treatment rational, 2) physical activity with a treatment rational, 3) Lewinshon’s model of behavioral activation, 4) Martell’s model of behavioral activation, or 5) wait-list control. All groups (including the … Read more

Treating Major Depression with Physical Activity: A Systematic Overview with Recommendations


Today a newly accepted paper became accessible online. It is a part of a forthcoming special issue on Exercise in the Treatment on Anxiety-Related and Depressive Disorders. Guest editors are Gordon Asmundson, Mike Powers and Jasper Smits. In total there will be ten papers: Running as Interoceptive Exposure for Decreasing Anxiety Sensitivity: Replication and Extension … Read more