Multi-center mega-analysis of brain structure in social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a prevalent and disabling mental disorder, associated with significant psychiatric co-morbidity. Previous research on structural brain alterations associated with SAD has yielded inconsistent results concerning the direction of the changes in gray matter (GM) in various brain regions, as well as on the relationship between brain structure and SAD-symptomatology. These … Read more

Congratulations Kristoffer NT Månsson (who defended his PhD thesis today)

Today the psychologist and PhD student Kristoffer NT Månsson brilliantly defended his PhD thesis in Linköping University. The thesis was entitled “Restructuring the socially anxious brain: Using magnetic resonance imaging to advance our understanding of effective cognitive behaviour therapy for social anxiety disorder”. Philippe Goldin from University of California served as an excellent opponent. We, … Read more

Proof of how the brain changes after cognitive behavior therapy

Today we published a new study in the Nature journal called Translational Psychiatry (impact factor 4.360). The paper was about cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and what happens in the brain after treatment. It is known that CBT is an effective treatment for social anxiety disorder (SAD), but many patients do not respond sufficiently and a … Read more