Usefulness of the ACT Model for Nurses in Psychiatric Inpatient Care: A Qualitative Content Analysis

Alleviating the suffering of patients treated in psychiatric inpatient wards is a great challenge. Preliminary or multiple diagnoses, inherent complexities of the inpatient milieu and the lack of potentially effective psychological treatment form part of this challenge. The present study explored the usefulness of a transdiagnostic psychological treatment model (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, ACT) as … Read more

Experiences of undergoing Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy for procrastination: A qualitative study

Internet interventions constitute a promising and cost-effective treatment alternative for a wide range of psychiatric disorders and somatic conditions. Several clinical trials have provided evidence for its efficacy and effectiveness, and recent research also indicate that it can be helpful in the treatment of conditions that are debilitating, but not necessarily warrant more immediate care, … Read more