In the Absence of Effects: An Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis of Non-response and Its Predictors in Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Negative effects of psychological treatments have recently received increased attention in both research and clinical practice. Most investigations have focused on determining the occurrence and characteristics of deterioration and other adverse and unwanted events, such as interpersonal issues, indicating that patients quite frequently experience such incidents in treatment. However, non-response is also negative if it … Read more

Negative effects in psychotherapy: Commentary and recommendations for future research and clinical practice

In a new paper, just published in the open access version of British Journal of Psychiatry, we present a commentary on the current understanding and give future research directions of negative effects in psychotherapy. Including what to do in clinical practice. The authors, are quite an impressive group of people (if I may say so … Read more

Does Internet based guided-self-help for depression cause harm?

Almost nothing is known about potential negative effects of Internet-based psychological treatments for depression. In a new study, that was just accepted for publication in Psychological Medicine we aimed at investigating deterioration and its moderators within randomised trials on Internet-based guided self-help interventions for adult depression, using an individual patient data meta-analyses (IPDMA) approach. Studies … Read more

The Negative Effects Questionnaire – a new scale for monitoring and reporting adverse and unwanted events in psychological treatments

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Research conducted during the last decades has provided increasing evidence for the use of psychological treatments for a number of psychiatric disorders and somatic complaints. However, by focusing only on the positive outcomes, less attention has been given to the potential of negative effects. Despite indications of deterioration and other adverse and unwanted events during … Read more

Negative effects of Internet interventions: A qualitative content analysis of patients’ experiences with treatments delivered online

Today a paper was accepted for publication about potential negative effects of Internet interventions. Internet interventions are defined as the delivery of health-care-related treatments via an online or a smartphone interface, and have been shown to be a viable alternative to face-to-face treatments. However, not all patients benefit from such treatments, and it is possible … Read more

Consensus statement on defining and measuring negative effects of Internet interventions

Today the new ESRII and ISRII journal Internet interventions published its first issue. Here you can read the editorial. In the first issue there are two papers that are especially interesting. The first paper is entitled Consensus statement on defining and measuring negative effects of Internet interventions. Here 10 leading experts in the field of Internet interventions were invited to … Read more